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Hamafukutsuru, Bizen Omachi Daiginjo Sake, Hyogo, Japan

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Overview of the Sake
The Hamafukutsuru Kura of today has been operating a sake brewing business since the early Meiji era (Around 1900) and was widely known then as the “Daisekai” brand. Hamafukutsuru has been utilizing the natural underground water of Rokko Mount for Sake making and continues to brew mellow Sake, year-round.

Omachi (55%) and blend of Yamada Nishiki & other local varieties (45%) polished to 50%

Hyogo, Japan

Tasting Notes
An off-dry, high-quality Sake brewed by using 55% Omachi Sake rice produced in Okayama prefecture. Highly aromatic with rich Umami.

This sake’s beautiful name comes from “Hama” for beach, “Fuku” for good fortune, and “Tsuru” for Crane. Uses 55% Omachi rice, the oldest heirloom variety of sake rice. This unique blending of rice gives this Daiginjo layers and layers of flavor.

Product size: 720ml

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