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National Wine Days in 2021

National Wine Days in 2021

If you're like us here at Merchant of Wine, you don't need a reason to open a great bottle of wine.  However, it can be fun to mark these dates on your calendar and find a special bottle to open to celebrate the day.  We think it would be fun to get together with a few friends, cook a special meal that pairs well with the wine that's being celebrated, and enjoy!
National Wine Days 2021 at merchant of wine

National and International Wine Days in 2021

There are lots of great reasons to drink wine all year long, and this calendar will give you a few more.  January is quiet as far as national wine days go (recovering from the holiday season?) but after that there are a few days to celebrate each month!
    • February 18th is National Drink Wine Day (like we need an excuse! 😉)
    • March 13th is National Riesling Day
    • April 17th is International Malbec Day
    • April 24th is National Sauvignon Blanc Day
    • May 9th is National Moscato Day
    • May 17th is Pinot Grigio Day
    • May 25th National Wine Day (just pick any favorite!)
    • May 27th is National Chardonnay Day
    • June 11th is Rosé Day
    • June 20th is Drink Chenin Blanc Day
    • July 25th is Wine and Cheese Day (sounds like it's a charcuterie night!)
    • August 1st is Albarino Day
    • August 4th is National White Wine Day
    • August 18th is Pinot Noir Day
    • August 28th is National Red Wine Day
    • September 3rd is National Cabernet Sauvignon Day
    • September 11th is International Grenache Day
    • October 15th is National Champagne Day 🍾
    • November 7th is Merlot Day
    • November 12th is Tempranillo Day
    • November 17th is National Zinfandel Day
    • December 4th is Cabernet Franc Day
    • December 5th is Prohibition Repeal Day (not really a wine holiday but still worth celebrating!
    • December 31st is the informal National Champagne Day 🍾 (the best way to ring in a new year!)

Let us know in the comments how you will celebrate the National and International wine days in 2021!

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