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A&D "Singular" (Old Vines), Vinho Verde, Portugal, 2018 (Highly Recommended)

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Overview of the Wine
Located in Baião, the properties Casa do Arrabalde, Quinta dos Espinhosos and Quinta de Santa Teresa are made up of parcels of vineyards from low to medium production, organically cared for and in predominant granitic soils, performing a total of 45 ha of vineyard.

The three properties, although all located in the same sub-region, possess special, quite different features:

The vineyard of Casa do Arrabalde, exposed to the Marão foothills at 490m above sea level, produces late ripening grapes, blessed with a noticeable aroma and freshness. 

The vineyard of Quinta dos Espinhosos is located at a similar altitude, 470m, but protected by the forest area that surrounds it. This farm has evidenced an appetence for the production of high-quality Avesso, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Quinta de Santa Teresa, the most recent element of this project, is located literally on the frontier between the Vinhos Verdes (Green Wine) and Douro regions. Its vineyards are placed at 150 to 340m above sea level. Here blossoming happens early, as well as maturation. The vineyards are divided into terraces separated by granite walls from the beginning of the 20th century. This is a unique place for the Avesso, a vine variety with a notorious acidity, which benefits from the opportunity for a complete ripening.

In the vineyards our mission has mainly to do with constant care, maintaining natural vegetal soil coverage and boosting its biodiversity, always in an organic certified production mode.


Grape / Blend
Alvarinho, Arinto, Avesso

Vinho Verde, Portugal

Tasting Notes
A&D Wines Singular is a wine made with grapes grown using sustainable farming practices, at Quinta de Santa Teresa, Baião, and selected exclusively by the winemaker.
It is an aromatic wine, produced with minimal intervention techniques. It is complex, full-bodied, with a long and pleasant taste.

The winter of 2018 was quite dry. Spring was more balanced, with some rain during April, which compelled us to apply treatments in the vineyards for mildew and oidium. Also, the vineyards in Casa do Arrabalde suffered some frostings during this month.

Summer was mild, only the lower vineyards in Quinta de Santa Teresa registering some burns on the 23rd of August. In the 8th and 9th of the same month it rained, which allowed to reduce the hydric stress and push the maturation process. The balanced, fresher profile of the 2019 vintage gave birth to slightly more acidic wines, with lower alcohol graduation.

93 Points - Decanter

Product Size: 750ml

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