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Podere le Ripi, "Zapuntel" Brunello di Montalcino, DOCG, Italy, 2012 (BIODYNAMIC)

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Overview of the Wine

Currently 75 acres of biodynamic vineyards, rooted between forest, olive trees, vegetable garden, and fruit trees... Uncontaminated oceanic soil with marvelous vegetal diversity, breathtaking views, and pure air. All of this divided between two opposite Montalcino mountainsides, with soils belonging to different geological eras. Here we began our adventure in 1998, on the Eastern side of Montalcino: Castelnuovo dell’Abate. In 2017 we added the vineyards on the western side, from the oasis-looking environment of il Galampio.

" 'A vineyard can produce good grapes only after 35 years'. That’s what an old winegrower in Burgundy once told me. I wondered: “Should I wait until I turn ninety to start producing a great wine?” Therefore, I decided to try something new and innovative: I forced my plants to go through many different geological layers in a shorter time span, by planting them with a very high-density system. This gave the plants but one choice: digging deeper with their roots in order to survive.

All my consultants told me I was crazy and that the plants would have simply died.

Actually, the exact opposite did happen: the mortality rate of the Bonsai stopped at 8%, while the other vineyards had an average of 30%! We provided every plant with a tiny supporting acacia stick, and we let them grow using the goblet vine training method. We call such method in Italian “alberello”, meaning literally “small tree”. Two and a half years later, with their third bud, they made the very first barrique of the Bonsai Sangiovese 2007. I couldn’t believe it: till then, none of the vineyards I had planted had ever shown a grape before the fourth bud!

The Bonsai experiment started in 2005. Even though it was just a tenth of an hectare back then, the production was already roughly 3.300 kg per hectare. And that was just the beginning."

Grape / Blend




Tasting Notes

An lighter Brunello with some hints of oak to go a long with traditional earthy notes of leather, underbrush, and turned earth. Medium bodied palate, medium acidity.


Product size: 750ml

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