Petra, "Petra" Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy, 2015 through Merchant of Wine.

Petra, "Petra" Toscana IGT, Tuscany, Italy, 2015

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Overview of the Wine
When someone arrives at Petra for the first time, they are enchanted by the power of nature and by a light that has an uncommon depth at these latitudes.

The estate is steeped in a very special ecosystem, which breathes and whispers, permeated by warmth and with an underground current which pervades the soil and reaches through the produce of the land – grapes, but a lot more too. Petra’s landscape and nature are unique: the green belt of the Colline Metallifere, near the Montioni Natural Park, with the Poggio Tre Cancelli Natural Reserve, up to the Sterpaia Coastal Park, looking over the Tyrrhenian Sea, a constant presence on the horizon, a single blue tone in a landscape otherwise dominated by two essential colors – green and russet.

It starts in the vineyards, to appreciate the full power of the landscape, of the land, and of a careful and gentle approach to viticulture, and continues with a visit to the cellar. Here there is synergy between shapes (beams, blocks, columns and vaults), materials (elm, oak, Prun stone, flower embossed stainless steel) and natural light (the only source of lighting, carefully exploited by the architectural design).

Grape / Blend
Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Tuscany, Italy

Winemaker's Tasting Notes
The powerful Petra Toscana Petra glides into the glass with dense crimson. If the glass is held somewhat obliquely, a transition of the shade towards garnet red can be seen at the edges of this cask-aged wine. After the first swirl, this red wine reveals a high density and abundance, which is evident in strong church windows at the glass edge. The nose shows this Petra red wine all kinds of black currants, plums, shadow morals, plums and mulberries. As if this were not already impressive, further aromas such as cinnamon, black tea and beech smoke are added due to the ageing in a small wooden barrel.

Petra Petra Toscana presents itself pleasantly dry to wine enthusiasts. This red wine never shows coarse or sparse, as you can expect with a wine icon wine segment. On the tongue, this powerful red wine is characterized by an incredibly dense, velvety, melty and powerful texture. Thanks to the balanced fruit acid, Petra Toscana flatters with velvety mouthfeel, without missing out on juicy liveliness. In the finish, this red wine from the wine-growing region finally inspires Tuscany with exceptional length. There are again echoes of wild berry marmalade and forest fruit jam. In the reverberation, mineral notes of the soils dominated by limestone and marl are added

Product size: 750ml
From a private seller.

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