Olianas Rosato, Sardinia, Italy, 2018 (BIOINTEGRALE)
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Olianas Rosato, Sardinia, Italy, 2018 (BIOINTEGRALE)

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Overview of the Wine

It was 2000, the dawn of the new millennium. For us, the dawn of a new wine project. In Gergei, in the heart of Sarcidano (60 km north of Cagliari), the meeting between Stefano Casadei, Artemio Olianas and Simone Mugnaini gives life to Olianas, our Company.

What unites us is sharing a philosophy of producing quality wines based on respecting the environment, nature and the people who live there.

Since then, this philosophy has concretely developed into a new concept of agriculture, where environmental protection is a required procedure to ensure prosperity in the future.

Today in Olianas we produce not only organic, but bio-integrated wines: related to the history of this land, result of research, great dedication, expert hands; local vine varieties on 25 hectares of both red and white vineyards.

It is the result of an ongoing commitment to our ecosystem, to be passed on intact to our children.

Olianas is the first entirely BioIntegrale winery: over the years we have developed a new concept of ethical agriculture that implies the protection of the environment as an essential prerequisite for the future.

Living well tomorrow is to take decisive action today to protect nature, allowing regeneration through space and appropriate tools, ensuring the continuity of the resources on which we depend - such as clean air and water.

The BioIntegrale farmer has a moral obligation to maintain and enhance their growing environment passing on to their children a better ecosystem than the one he receives.

Grape / Blend

Cannonau (Grenache) 80%, Vermentino 20%



Tasting Notes

A wine with great impact: always balanced between the freshness of a great white wine and the structure of Cannonau. Young, fresh and lively wine, ideal as aperitif. It pairs well with shell fish, soufflè, fried or roasted poultry.

Other Details:

Harvested by hand, in boxes. The Cannonau and Vermentino grapes are immersed for a few hours in the press in contact with the skins and then transferred into 50 HI stainless steel tanks. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature for about a month. Following the BIOINTEGRALE method, activation occurs naturally using the Vermentino as “pied de cuve”, without the use of selected yeasts, activators or enzymes.

After fermentation, about 80% of the wine is matured “sur lie” in stainless steel for 5 months, while the remaining 20% is aged in Tonneaux for the same period. The wine is then clarified with bentonite and undergoes a light filtration.


Product Size: 750ml

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