June 2020 - The season to forget

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What a moment - for the first time in my life - I need wine.

I have loved wine for 30 years! I like to have wine in my glass nightly. I have never needed wine... but something changed.

I am working harder than ever to survive for a better day - the number of issues I'm managing right now confounds me!  My team works all day help me move the needle and the big blocks around... but after - I have to plan for them, write, taste, post, and work for them to get on top.  Entrepreneurs know this is really the unknown moment... I think its also going to be very forgettable if not regrettable.

With that not so positive note; I'm going to put monthly lists together and continue to improve our website.  Let me also say, nobody needs to buy wine from me - but I thank you if you do!  We all have places you go, people you know, but I would love to get your support whenever possible. We deliver for free in Los Angeles, and that is a big deal (not over night shipping - but store to door delivery). From Manhattan Beach to Pasadena from Simi Valley to Long Beach and all the areas in-between... we get it done.

I have some amazing stuff on the website, with not a-lot of FLUFF.  If its on the website, its because I would drink it and honestly, I DO! Some wines are great for the money... and some are just greaT with a capital T.

Ians Top 10 Recommends for JUNE 2020 (please click to see them) 
  1. - Top Value https://merchantofwine.com/products/sella-mosca-monteoro-vermentino-di-gallura-superiore-docg-italy-2016?_pos=1&_sid=d71a035f8&_ss=r
  2. - Top Import https://merchantofwine.com/collections/sauvignon-blanc/products/bayten-beyond-sauvignon-blanc-south-africa-2018
  3. - Top Collectable https://merchantofwine.com/collections/sangiovese/products/col-dorcia-brunello-di-montalcino-tuscany-italy-2004-certified-organic 
  4. - Top Rosé https://merchantofwine.com/collections/reds-whites/products/olianas-rosato-sardinia-italy-2018-biointegrale 
  5. - Top Clearance item https://merchantofwine.com/collections/reds-whites/products/a-to-z-rose-oregon-2017 
  6. - Top Bubble https://merchantofwine.com/collections/sparkling/products/keush-origins-brut-armenia-nv-sparkling
  7. - Top Pinot  https://merchantofwine.com/collections/pinot-noir/products/semper-homage-pinot-noir-sonoma-coast-california-2016
  8. - Top White   https://merchantofwine.com/collections/whites/products/domaine-saint-nicolas-fiefs-vendeens-chenin-blanc-2013 
  9. - Top Find  https://merchantofwine.com/collections/whites/products/chateau-de-la-mulonniere-m-de-mulonniere-chenin-blanc-loire-valley-france-2016
  10. - Top Cellar Selection   https://merchantofwine.com/collections/cabernet-sauvignon/products/realm-cellars-moonracer-stags-leap-cabernet-sauvignon-napa-valley-california-2017 

Have a good June, but let's be frank, no one is going to have a great June. July could finer and that is something to raise a glass to...  Make each day better with a great story from a great producer and "To July" 


"To the season to forget!"